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1 Butt joints
2 Bonded connection

Bonded connections are used more and more in modern body designs. Here, a distinction is made between bonds for stabilization purposes and bonds for adhesive strength. Bonds for stabilization purposes are found on clinched flanges and on cross beams in doors or on the roof.

WARNING: Risk of poisoning! Adhesive can be harmful to health. Ventilate rooms well and use breathing protection. Where possible, work with an extraction unit.

NOTE: Adhesives are chemical products and are subject to the safety regulations of the manufacturer.

Please refer to the specifications in the general part of the particular manual for information on the repair adhesive which is to be used.

Advantages of glued joints:

  • They are air and watertight.
  • High corrosion protection
  • Different materials can be connected
  • Bonding can be combined with resistance spot welding.

NOTE: The quality of the bonded connection is largely dependent on the care taken during preparatory work. When gluing bodywork parts, follow the work instructions from the adhesive manufacturer.

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