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With riveting, two or more panels are joined together using a joining element (rivet). In body construction, pop rivets and punched rivets are used.

Advantages of riveted connections:

  • Metallic and non-metallic materials can be joined together.
  • Different thicknesses of materials can be used.
  • The material does not have to be heated, and therefore does not warp.
  • Low level of preparation required.

NOTE: For detailed instructions on the procedure, please refer to the equipment manufacturer's operating manual.


  • During dismantling procedures, swarf/rivet remains can fall into inaccessible cavities, which can lead to rattling and rusting.


Des cript ion Description
1 Panels
2 Pop rivet

Pop rivets are used if only one side of the panel is accessible. In this process, overlapping panels are drilled and connected with a pop rivet.

Pop rivets can be inserted pneumatically, hydraulically or manually with rivet guns.

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