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Resistance spot welding

NOTE: Before starting the work, please refer to the chapter on safety instructions.

Resistance spot welding

In doing so, the repair welds must match the standard of those produced in production in number and diameter.

Preconditions for resistance spot welding:

  • The panels to be welded overlap
  • The weld spot is accessible on both sides for the electrodes.
  • The shape and alignment of the weld electrodes is correct.
  • The resistance welding equipment is powerful enough to be able to reproduce the production spot weld diameter.

NOTE: The welding equipment settings and the adjustment of the individual parameters are to be made in accordance with the device manufacturer's specifications.

Well-prepared welding flanges are a prerequisite for a problem-free welded joint. This means:

  • The welding flanges must lie perfectly flat to one another.
  • The welding flanges must be clean and free of oil or grease on both sides.
  • Welding primer (zinc-coated and conductive) must be applied as corrosion prevention.

Only in limited cases can welding errors in resistance spot weld joints be detected from the outside . Therefore, a test weld should be carried out before each repair weld. The peel test carried out after the welding gives information on the quality of the welding. The spot weld itself must never separate, it must tear away leaving a hole.

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