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Description and Usage of Paint Literature

Vehicle paints are subject to severe demands caused by external influences. Moisture, air-borne deposits in the form of various chemicals and UV light constantly affect a paint surface. Furthermore, mechanical damage occurs through grit, stones and sand. Bird droppings, insect residues, pollen and tree sap also attack the paint surface.

The present literature not only informs the specialist about current repair painting techniques, but also provides tips and instructions on modern and economical repair processes.

High quality bodywork paints require the use of the most modern technologies and regular updating of the technician's knowledge of painting techniques, because of the constantly new developments in paint technology.

Information about different materials is listed under Specification.

Furthermore, information on the fundamental principles of repair painting and paint materials is provided in several chapters. The safety instructions indicate the possible health hazards and other sources of danger. There are also notes about tools and materials as well as on basic painting methods.

In the model specific repair instructions, only the most important repair steps or special features are referred to. Detailed information on the generally applicable painting procedures is given in this paint manual.

Direct supply of repair paints by Ford has been discontinued. There is however an agreement with many paint manufacturers, which ensures fast and problem-free supply to the dealer undertakings.

Paint suppliers:

  • DuPont
  • Glasurit
  • PPG
  • Sikkens
  • Spies Hecker
  • Standox

When using painting materials, it should be taken into account that the manufacturers have exactly matched their products between each other. In order to avoid quality defects, difficulties in working and losses in corrosion protection, these may not be substituted with other products.

NOTE: The Ford Service Organization organizes basic and more in-depth training on much of the content of this paint manual. As well as the practical part of the training, a further component is the Student Information document, which offers supplementary information in the form of a brochure.

During all work it must always be ensured that personal safety and the operational capability of the vehicle are not threatened by the choice of methods, tools and components.

The information given in the diagrams in the chapter "Paint Damage" is provided by the repair paint manufacturer.

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    Description and Usage of Paint Literature


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