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There is a great difference between painting in production and repair painting.

In production, only the bodyshell is painted, it has no trim, upholstery or assemblies. Because of this, other paints, tools and processing techniques can be used.

In contrast to that used in production, paint used in the workshop must dry at low temperatures.

Plastics and the vehicle electronics must not be subjected to temperatures greater than 70C.

The painting process in the case of repair work consists of two phases:

  • Pre-treatment of the surface for corrosion protection and the smoothing of irregularities.
  • Top coat application.

The precondition for a professional paint finish on a vehicle is the permanently maintained cleanliness of work spaces, tools and equipment, Original materials must be worked according to the manufacturer's instructions, so that no problems arise in the processing nor during drying.

The room temperature must be 20 - 25C and the humidity must be low. Temperatures which are too low or too high can lead to porosity, poor flow and boiling. High humidity leads to paint damage such as tarnishing of the paint film (matt film), adhesion problems and craters.

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