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Top coat application

It is important for a good paint result that the recommended process data is adhered to, i.e. mixture proportions, layer thickness, viscosity, drying time etc.

First of all the work area is carefully masked ready for paint application. The correct adhesive materials and techniques must be used so that no hard transitions and edges are created during painting.

NOTE: The chapter "Tips and Tricks" gives in-depth information on masking work.

Thoroughly check the surface once more and rub-off with a dust-bonding cloth.

NOTE: Once more check the paint material and that the spray gun is correctly adjusted before applying the paint.

Paint application

Paint application

The base paint is applied in two or three steps.

First of all only the repair area is painted with the first paint application.

Flash off

Flash off

Allow the paint application to flash off until the surface has a matt appearance. So that the transition to the original paint is optimally created, the next paint application is applied to a wider area.

After the base paint has dried for the specified time, the clear lacquer is applied. Next the transitions to the original paintwork are treated with fade-out remover. This removes the spray mist and forms an ideal paint surface.

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