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In order to achieve faultless quality, it is sometimes necessary afterwards to polish a newly painted surface.

Even after the most careful painting, it sometimes happens that dirt inclusions and paint runs occur in work with top coat or clear lacquer. Before polishing, such paint faults must be removed with the sanding cylinder ("Finiball") and hand sanding or eccentric sander in a wet sanding process.

Sanding cylinder

Sanding cylinder

The special sanding compound -1- (sanding bloom) for the sanding cylinder is self-adhering and available in grades from P1000 to P2500.

  • P1000 - P1500 for pre-sanding of runs and large imperfections in the paint.
  • P1500 - P3000 for subsequent sanding of runs and sanding out of dust inclusions.

A small eccentric sander can be used for more extensive working areas. When doing so, first of all put the eccentric sander in place and then switch it on, so that the danger of sanding through on edge is reduced.

Finally polish the sanded area to a high gloss with suitable polish. To this end the various manufacturers recommend materials and process techniques which are specially suited to their products.

NOTE: The polishing is to be done in the same way as that used to remove swirl marks.



NOTE: Before using the nap sponge for the first time and after any long pauses in working, dampen the nap sponge with polish.

Job steps:

  • Clean and degrease the area to be polished using silicone remover.
  • Apply the polish to the polishing disc and spread it.
  • Place the polishing machine down flat on the area to be polished and before switching it on, gently distribute the polish over the underlying surface.
  • Polish out the location for 10 - 1 5 seconds with the edge, working with a criss-cross motion.
  • Subsequently polish the location for about 10 seconds with the machine laid down flat.
  • Wash off and clean the polished location using the professional polishing cloth and then clean the polished surface.
  • It is absolutely vital to carry out a visual check after finishing the polishing procedure. If any swirl marks are not completely removed by the first polishing procedure, then process must be repeated.

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