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GRP repairs

GRP material is hard and brittle in its strength properties. Because of these material properties, splits and openings often result in cases of serious damage.

The stability of GRP parts is impaired if the glass fiber reinforcement is cracked. The component must be replaced in cases of serious damage that affect the structure.

Minor damage (such as abrasion, splits up to 80mm, holes up to approx. 60mm diameter, etc.) can be repaired to a technically and visually perfect standard, provided that the damage does not occur in heavily used or hard-to-reach areas.

To ensure perfect repair results, observe the following points:

  • The room temperature should be at least 15C and the air should be as dry as possible.
  • The repair location must be thoroughly dry and clean.
  • Before the repair, the GRP part being repaired must be dried using an infrared heater or in a drying oven.
  • In cases of large splits and fractures, the strength of the outer skin can be re-established by backing with a reinforcement material.

Tools and equipment from the paint shop can be used to carry out repairs to GRP parts. Angle grinders and belt sanders can be used to grind out scratches and splits. Orbital sanders with extractors are used for fine sanding.

GRP repair set

GRP repair set

Item Description
1 Polyester resin
2 Glass fiber mats
3 Hardener

Scissors, paintbrush and cleaning materials are other materials which will be needed to perform a GRP repair.

NOTE: Follow the manufacturer's instructions when using the repair materials.

The repair process for a GRP repair is as follows:

  • Prepare the repair location. Remove paint residues and sand the repair area.
  • Drill out the ends of the split to stop it spreading further.
  • The repair location must be sanded by hand. If machine working is attempted, the resin will be heated so much that the surface structure will be changed. The result is inadequate adhesion.
  • Perform the GRP repair. Apply polyester resin thinly to the repair location. Lay the glass fiber mat in place and apply polyester resin over it again.
  • Rework the location of the repair. Sand away any polyester resin which stands proud after it has hardened.
  • Clean the sanded repair surface using plastic cleaner. Apply plastic primer thinly to the repair surface and after it has dried apply the paint finish.

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