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Safety instructions

In addition to the general safety instructions, the relevant regulations and accident prevention legislation must be observed.

NOTE: Without exception, before starting work you must read the safety and warning instructions in the chapter "Safety Instructions". In addition, pay attention to the warning instructions of the particular equipment manufacturer.

Information sheets, safety notices and guidelines for the processing of adhesives containing isocyanate, polyester resin, adhesives, solvent and thinners provide more details on their use.

The following instructions must always be followed:

  • Polyester resin, adhesive, solvents and thinners are inflammable and must not be used near naked fire or flames.
  • Sawing and grinding operations must only be carried out in rooms equipped with extraction systems.
  • If no rooms with extraction systems are available, only use tools with extraction equipment.
  • Protective equipment such as gloves, protective goggles, aprons and breathing masks are essential.

Because of the various compositions of plastics, repair work to plastic parts involves a variety of repair methods.

The following methods are used:

  • Thermoplastic straightening.
  • Plastic welding.
  • Plastic adhesive bonding.
  • Plastic lamination techniques.

Thermoplastic straightening

Damage to thermoplastics can be rectified by heating using the hot air gun (temperature about 100C) while the deformation is pressed out until the shape is regained.

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