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Plastic adhesive bonding

Adhesive bonding of plastics has some advantages over welding methods:

  • Within the group of thermoelastic plastics, all semi-rigid ancillary components (such as bumpers, front grilles, etc.) can be repaired without identification.
  • A two-component polyurethane based adhesive is used for all thermoplastic parts.
  • Reinforcement strips can be attached behind splits (split length up to max. 100mm) and openings to ensure the original strength properties.

Tools and equipment also familiar from paint repairs can be used in making adhesive repairs to thermoplastic components.

Angle grinders and belt sanders can be used to grind out scratches and splits. Orbital sanders with extractors are used for fine sanding.

The infrared heater is used to provide fast and certain drying throughout.

Plastic adhesive set

Plastic adhesive set

Item Description
1 2-component adhesive
2 Cartridge gun
3 Mixing tube

Apart from the components shown, other materials may be needed to bond plastics, depending on the repair position.

For large scale repairs, it may be necessary to insert reinforcement panel strips and reinforcement matting as fixing aids.

Repair sequence during plastic adhesive bonding:

NOTE: Follow the manufacturer's guidelines when using adhesives.

  • Prepare the location of the bond. Remove paint residues and sand the area to be bonded. Drill out the ends of the split to stop it spreading further. Prepare the bond location into a V-shape and clean it with plastic cleaner.
  • Apply the adhesive. The two-component adhesive is applied to the cleaned and primed repair location using a hand gun. Spread and smooth the adhesive using a flexible plastic spatula.
  • Rework the bond location. After cooling, sand the raised adhesive. Clean the sanded repair surface using plastic cleaner. Apply plastic primer thinly to the repair surface. Apply paint.

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