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Painting cabin

The air requirement in a painting cabin is large.

The outside air which is drawn in must be passed through filtering and warming equipment. This particularly applies during colder times of the year and especially for combined types of building where the painting cabin is also used as a drying cabin.

It is primarily used to keep the air free of dust. At the same time, explosive solvent-air mixture concentrations are prevented

NOTE: Vacuum will lead to contamination of the newly applied paint. The outside airflows through door gaps, wall joints and other openings and as it does so, brings dust deposits with it.

The air supply quantity depends on the size of the painting space and the quantity of extracted air.

Enough air must be supplied to cause positive pressure in the painting space. An air extraction : air supply ratio of about 1 : 1.05 is sufficient.

The filters should have a dust-removal grade of not less than 99.8% and must always be kept clean.

It is especially important that the air supply does not cause strong air currents in the painting cabin.

If not, the following problems could occur:

  • Paint contamination cause by paint mist, which persists in air eddies and gradually falls on the fresh paintwork.
  • Flow problems in the paint because of the high speed of the air, causing the paint to thicken very quickly on the surface.
  • Loss of gloss and wrinkle formation because the surface dries too fast.
  • Painter disturbance while working.

In modern paint cabins the air supply is provided from the complete surface of the ceiling. The air speed should be 0.3 m/sec (measured in the unrestricted cross-section of the spray cabin). At the same time, the air in the cabin should change about 350 times per hour.

Air extraction is best achieved through extraction channels in the floor of the painting cabin.

NOTE: Refer to the manufacturer's specifications for the operating instructions, safety instructions and notes on the maintenance of a paint cabin.

Smooth walls in the paint cabin should prevent dust deposits. Regular cleaning is necessary however.

Special easily washed adhesive-bonding paint can be applied to the walls to protect the cabin from paint mist.

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