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Body Sheet Metal

Types of steel

Steel body panels are still the most important materials used in the fabrication of stressed skin vehicle bodies. In addition to the familiar types of steel, reinforced high-strength and also ultra-high-strength special steels are used in vehicle body construction.

Types of steels are classified by their properties of strength and elasticity.

  • Normal strength steel has a minimum yield strength of up to about 210 N/mm2.
  • High strength steels have a minimum yield strength of about 150 to 600 N/mm2.
  • Ultra-high-strength steels have a minimum yield strength of about 400 to 1200 N/mm2.

High-strength and ultra-high-strength steels are mostly installed in safety relevant locations (structural components). Among others, these are side members, pillars, roof frames.

Body Sheet Metal

Pos. Used type of steel Application range (Examples)
1 Ultra High Strengh Steel (UHSS) Impact Carriers, Bumper Carriers, AB- Pillar Reinforcements
2 Extra High Strengh Steel (EHSS) Frame Side Member; Rocker Reinforcements
3 Very High Strengh Steel (VHSS) Wheel House; Structural Members
4 High Strengh Steel (HSS) Roof Sticks, Fenders
5 Normal strength steels Outer Panel

Normal strength steels

Normal strength steels are most often used in body construction. They are relatively soft and are therefore particularly suitable for the deep drawing processes used in body manufacturing. As well as very good reshaping properties, the panels also have a relatively high rigidity.

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