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Orderly and responsible waste management is not only very important for the protection of health and the environment, but it also has great importance where saving natural resources is concerned.

In body repair shops, since the introduction of the EU directives on the avoidance of vehicle waste and the promotion of return, re-use and recycling of vehicles and their components (2000/53/EU), more rigorous attention than before is also paid to avoidance and recycling of waste materials.

NOTE: The organization of disposal in the operation must comply with the country specific waste regulations:

In this respect, body repair shops must take into account and comply with the following requirements:

  • Separate waste according to its recycling and disposal methods.
  • Produce evidence for the correct transport and disposal of waste.

NOTE: The organization of disposal in the plant must comply with the requirements of the Waste Avoidance and Management Act.

The avoidance and recycling of waste must always take priority. However, despite all measures which may be taken, waste cannot be completely avoided.

NOTE: Useable waste which is not allowed in household rubbish, must be disposed of as special waste

All remaining waste must be treated as commercial waste and disposed of according to the local requirements.

Only applies to the EU:

The vehicle manufacturer is also under a legal obligation since the older vehicle legislation came into force throughout Europe in 2002.

This law covers the surrender, withdrawal and environmentally friendly disposal of older vehicles through the manufacturer.

The older vehicle legislation contains all the necessary information for the environmentally compatible disposal of older vehicles, starting with preliminary handling involving the removal of all operating fluids, deactivation of pyrotechnic components, elimination of pollutants and then further handling by dismantling components for re-use and recycling.

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