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Body Repairs - General Information
Sealer, Underbody Protection Material and Adhesives

Sealants, adhesives, cavity wax and underbody protection materials are used during the various body repairs. In this area Ford offers a range of products which have been tested and matched to each other.

CAUTION: Always be extremely careful when handling solvents, sealants and adhesives. Some products contain substances harmful to health or give off harmful or poisonous vapors. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions. If there is any doubt as to whether a particular solvent is suitable, it must NOT be used.

Clinched flange protection

One-component adhesive/sealer which can be applied by brush or spraying, based on MS polymer, with a flat nozzle for application and with the following properties:

  • Can be sanded
  • Permanently elastic
  • Non-corrosive
  • Very good adhesion
  • Rapid hardening and resistant to ageing
  • Can be over-painted with almost all proprietary paints

Seam sealant T Anthracite

One-component sealer based on MS polymer, for sealing joints and seams, with the following properties:

  • Silicon-free
  • Solvent-free and low-odor
  • suitable for gluing HVH elements into position in their respective body areas

Body sealant T beige

Sealer with the following properties:

  • Stable
  • Contains solvent
  • Especially suitable for visible seams
  • After hardening can be overpainted with two-pack paint

Underbody Coating

Underbody protection is necessary for permanently elastic corrosion protection of vehicle underbodies.

It is very durable and has good resistance to abrasion,

Cavity wax

This touch-proof, transparent corrosion protection wax is used for the preservation of cavities and flange joints.

Anti-corrosion wax

Anti-corrosion wax is a coating material which can be applied in fine spray, forming a very thin and grease-like protective film, therefore offering very good corrosion protection.

2-component metal adhesive

For joining metal to metal and plastic to metal. The adhesive reduces droning noises and improves corrosion protection.

Windshield sealant

Solvent-containing, stable sealing material. The sealer is permanently elastic and does not form a skin on the surface.

1-component window glass adhesive kit

For direct glazing. The vehicle is ready to drive after 6 hours (passenger airbag). Prevents contact corrosion.

2-component window glass adhesive kit

For direct glazing. The vehicle is ready to drive after 1 hour (passenger airbag). The adhesive is not an electrical conductor and permits interference-free radio reception. Prevents contact corrosion. Using a 150ml additional cartridge, the adhesive can also be used for large windows or to produce a double seam of adhesive.

PU glass adhesive

150ml additional/replacement cartridge for direct glazing using 2-component window adhesive kit.

Suitable for double beads or larger windows. Also suitable for sealing NVH elements.

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