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Paintless Dent Removal

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Application is restricted to body surfaces which are accessible from both sides. This repair technique is seldom feasible on double-skinned body components or closed body profiles. The same applies to edge areas, swage lines and seams on body components, which are very dimensionally stable.

The following characteristics must be present for a dent to be removed:

  • The diameter must be no more than 50 mm.
  • No material stretching in the centre of the dent.
  • Repair area must be accessible

Furthermore, sufficient experience in the use of special tools and knowledge of materials are also requirements for a successful repair.

Paintless Dent Removal

Item Description
1 Deflection by a hook arrangement
2 Pressure tool

Paintless Dent Removal

Satisfactory repair results are only possible on mild dents with little depth and small deformation radii.

Therefore this repair method is particularly suitable for hail, parking and transportation damage.

Dent with material stretching

Dent with material stretching

If strong and direct force during the damage process causes the material to stretch in the middle of a dent, then the result is a small and sharp edged dent. Such damage cannot be rectified without visible deformation.

Advantages of a planishing technique:

  • Economical in time and materials
  • The original paint is retained
  • Environmentally friendly (no sanding or painting work)

While carrying out the repair, the following itemized repair route and process flow must be complied with:

1. Damage diagnosis

2. Repair preparations

3. Perform repair

4. Paint finishing, corrosion protection and quality control

In order to ensure corrosion protection, all inner areas of the repair must be treated afterwards.

Where it is possible, the paint is repaired. In every case the inner area of the repair must be treated with cavity wax.

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