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Engine Oils

See Lubricants and Grease.

Make sure there is adequate ventilation to control dusts, mists and fumes.

High Pressure Air, Lubrication and Oil Test Equipment

See also Lubricants and Greases.

Always keep high-pressure equipment in good condition, and regularly maintained, particularly at joints and unions.

Never direct a high-pressure nozzle, for example diesel injector, at the skin as the fluid may penetrate to the underlying tissue, and cause serious injury.


See CFCs.

Legal Aspects

There are many laws and regulations relating to health and safety in the use and disposal of materials and equipment in a workshop.

For a safe working environment and to avoid environmental pollution, workshops should be familiar, in detail, with the many health and safety laws and regulations within their country, published by both national and local authorities.

Lubricants and Greases

Avoid all prolonged and repeated contact with mineral oils. All lubricants and greases may be irritating to the eyes and skin.

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