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See also Chemical Materials, Fuels (Kerosene), Fire.

For example acetone, white spirit, toluene, xylene, trichloroethane.

Used in cleaning and dewaxing materials, paints, plastics, resins and thinners.

Some may be highly flammable or flammable.

Skin contact will degrease the skin and may result in irritation and dermatitis following repeated or prolonged contact. Some can be absorbed through the skin in toxic or harmful quantities.

Splashes in the eye may cause severe irritation and could lead to loss of vision.

Brief exposure of high concentrations of vapors or mists will cause eye and throat irritation, drowsiness, dizziness, headaches and, in the worst circumstances, unconsciousness.

Repeated or prolonged exposure to excessive but lower concentrations of vapors or mists, for which there might not be adequate warning indications, can cause more serious toxic or harmful effects.

Aspiration into the lungs, for example through vomiting, is the most serious consequence of swallowing.

Avoid splashes to the skin, eyes and clothing.Wear protective gloves, goggles and clothing if necessary.

Make sure there is good ventilation when in use, avoid breathing fumes, vapors and spray mists and keep containers tightly sealed. Do not use in confined spaces.

When spraying materials containing solvents, for example paints, adhesive, coatings, use extraction ventilation or personal respiratory protection in the absence of adequate general ventilation.

Do not apply heat or flame except under specific and detailed manufacturers instructions.

Sound Insulation

See Fibre Insulation, Foams.

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