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In common with many other manufacturers vehicles, some components have O-rings, seals or gaskets, which contain a material known as `Viton'.

Viton is a fluoroelastomer, that is a synthetic rubber type material, which contains Fluorine. It is commonly used for O-rings, gaskets and seals of all types. Although Viton is the most well known fluoroelastomer, there are others, including Fluorel and Tecmoflon.

When used under design conditions fluoroelastomers are perfectly safe. If, however, they are exposed to temperatures in excess of 400C, the material will not burn, but will decompose, and one of the products formed is hydrofluoric acid.

This acid is extremely corrosive and may be absorbed directly, through contact, into the general body system.

O-rings, seals or gaskets which have been exposed to very high temperatures will appear charred or as a black sticky substance.

DO NOT; under any circumstances touch them or the attached components.

Enquiries should be made to determine whether Viton or any other fluoroelastomer has been used in the affected O-ring, seal or gasket. If they are of natural rubber or nitrile there is no hazard. If in doubt, be cautious, as the material may be Viton or any fluoroelastomer.

If Viton or any other fluoroelastomers have been used, the affected area should be decontaminated before the commencement of work.

Disposable heavy duty plastic gloves should be worn at all times, and the affected area washed down using wire wool and a limewater (calcium hydroxide) solution to neutralize the acid before disposing of the decomposed Viton residue and final cleaning of the area. After use, the plastic gloves should be discarded carefully and safely.

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