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External shift mechanism

External shift mechanism

Item Description
1 Gear selector mechanism
2 Selector lever cable guide
3 Selector cable
4 Damper weight
5 Adjusting mechanism for selector lever cable
6 Shift valve shaft lever
7 Selector lever cable bracket
8 Retaining clip
9 Emergency release lever

The transmission range selector is located on the center console and is mechanically connected to the transmission by a cable for operation of the gear selector shaft and the TR (transmission range) sensor.

As well as the positions P/R/N/D, the transmission range selector provides a position for the sport and select-shift mode (S). The manual gear position can be selected at any time while driving. The gear selected is locked until the driver selects another gear.

The engine can only be started in 'P' or 'N' position.

The selector cable adjustment mechanism is at the transmission end of the selector cable.

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