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Transmission Fluid Level Check

Transmission Fluid Level Check

WARNING: Beware, risk of scalding when checking the transmission fluid.

NOTE: Refer to the service literature for the exact procedure and specifications.

In order for the transaxle to function properly, it is vital that the transmission fluid level is correct. If the transmission fluid level is excessively low, this becomes noticeable by a rattling noise at the fluid pump, etc.

Always use transmission fluid to the indicated specification (WSS-M2C924-A).

The transmission fluid temperature is determined using IDS.

It must be ensured that the transmission fluid temperature is within the range specified in the workshop literature.

The following conditions must be met in order to carry out the transmission fluid level check correctly:

  • Ensure that the transaxle is not in limp home mode.
  • Place the vehicle on a level surface.
  • Move the selector lever to the 'P' position.
  • Make sure that the parking brake is fully applied.
  • Run the engine at idle speed.
  • Move the transmission selector lever to all positions. In doing so, wait until the transmission engages the corresponding range.
  • Move the selector lever back to the 'P' position
  • Pull out the fluid dipstick.

When the predetermined transmission fluid temperature is reached, the fluid level shown on the dipstick must be in the middle between 'MIN' and 'MAX'. In this case, the fluid level is correct.

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